Complete solution

Everything you need to manage your business' revenue and reporting in one place, for complete efficiency.

Single view

Captures and processes all revenue data for new business, both fees and ongoing, making it easier to keep on top of things.

Integrated technology

Seamlessly integrates with XPLAN or your own practice management software.



  • Flexible, rules-based revenue and remuneration management solution
  • Supports any business environment
  • Scalable
  • Comprehensive purpose-built tools
  • Integrates with XPLAN, combining client revenue data with CRM functionality


  • Manage your revenue statements and regulatory reporting more easily 
  • Matches expected revenue to actual - enabling you to generate accurate revenue, productivity and profitability reports
  • Seamlessly import multiple documents from suppliers - ensures all data is interpreted and mapped into your database as you’d like
  • Establish, configure and manage different revenue models easily
  • Supports a variety of revenue sharing splits and remuneration model arrangements
  • Manage all billing, invoices and payments (via XPLAN)
  • Manage adviser accounts effectively


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